it was all

a dream

I launched my real estate company at the age of 32, a company that would later go on to make the Inc 500/5000 list 6 of the 7 years it was eligible to do so and later closed 1.1 billion in sales in one calendar year.

Though you might be impressed with all of these numbers, I only list them to help share with you the reality of where I was INTERNALLY during my rise in business success. In reality, I wasn’t even aware of until two events altered my life forever:
The passing of my mother at the young age of 56, and the subsequent divorce to my wife Claudia.  

I was absolutely MISERABLE inside. I was dead spiritually, and I was repeating the same cycle of my parents; divorced with three young boys. I KNEW something had to change. I was faced with a harsh reality; at 42 years old I had NO CLUE WHO I WAS. All I knew was that everything I wanted was fueled by something that now felt UGLY to me: power, success, materialism and competition ruled me and fueled my actions up until that point in my life. Quite frankly  they were all I knew to BE.

All I knew to be was someone OBSESSED with what was next in life, and I was tired. I was tired of being that man, tired of being tired.

That's when my Journey to Higher Self began… 

Ten years earlier I had heard of this plant called Ayahuasca and at that time my EGO wanted nothing to do with it. Now looking back what really happened was I was afraid.  I was afraid of connecting with my true essence and afraid to find out that everything I knew about life would go away.

I felt a calling deep in my heart, resisted the fear tricks of the mind and  traveled to Costa Rica for my very first Ayahuasca ceremony… the rest as they say is history.
15 plus journeys later, I have healed parts of me I didn't even realize needed healing and found parts of me I didn't know could ever exist. My mind is quieter than its ever been, all the self doubt that once was the norm is now GONE. The need for acceptance and validation through materialism is now gone, and so is my body dysmorphia; an insecurity that plagued me for YEARS. I’ve lost the weight (35 pounds) I used to have to go on binge diets or contests to lose, and most importantly, I have an inner peace and abundance that once seemed impossible to have.

My Mission in life is simple :

To help you Evolve in Mind, Body, Business, and Soul just like I’ve been blessed to be able to.



Mind: A peace and calmness beyond understanding.

Body: Healing, optimization, and longevity.

Business: A business you're proud of, serves others and allows you the financial freedom you need to live life on your terms.

HEART: Healing the past thus allowing you to correctly project the future you've always wanted. 

Today, life is what I never thought it could be: in the present. Our companies are growing now more than ever, I’m free in every sense of the word, I’m currently helping others on the same journey of evolution and their results are incredible! Most importantly and what I'm proudest of: my relationship with both Claudia and my boys is filled with more love, happiness and fulfillment than it's ever been.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our events and being of service in your very own Journey to Higher Self.


evolve with danny morel


In just my first month in the program, I did something I didn't think I could do: LET GO! I hired an assistant, using the Leverage Assistant program, delegated all mundane tasks and finally have what I truly want...freedom. Not to mention, the Daily Skills class are helping put together deals I previously would have lost !! The energy and success of so many others have begun to bring out the best in me.

- Samuel Coleman


I’ve followed Danny for several years now and was attracted to his message because I knew he was a coach and mentor that had actually put in the work. I’ve been a part of other coaching organizations and they all offer high value learning in their own way. But just over a year ago I noticed something about Danny that distinguished him amongst all the other programs : He has a Holistic approach to coaching Mindset, Belief patterns, Emotional Intelligence, Knowing Yourself, and LOVE are not messages being shared in other systems. In the VERY FIRST CALL he noticed a blind spot in my commission structure that resulted in Saving over $150k A YEAR ! I was MIND BLOWN. I LOVE being a Leverage member.

- Ricardo Jimenez


My business is skyrocketing, I'll take 100 listings this year...I'm more confident, my team members are more confident and it's all because of the Value I'm now able to offer. These daily skills sessions have changed everything for my team and!

- Jason Asa


I was closing about 44 to 48 deals a year, working 7 days a week and didn't even realize I was 75 pounds overweight. Now we are on pace to close in the 90 Transactions, working only 25 hours a week and I lost 75 POUNDS! My life has literally evolved in Mind, Body, Business, and SOUL!

- Jose Bonilla


5 stars!! Leverage has helped me work less hours and and spend more time with my family. You can have both work and family life! In my first call with Danny he helped me see a blind spot in my business that doubled my profit from one year to the next, not to mention the inner peace that I now have which allows me to work less and spend more time with my family.

- Victoria Mendez


Before joining leverage I could not see the next steps. All income was solely based on my personal production and me hustling to create more business. After a year in leverage I have been able to add 2 new lead sources bringing in an extra $60,000 this year and in that developed systems that allow me to work with more clients in less time at a higher level of service. Now that the systemized approach exists in my world I can actually hire others to take on buyers and other duties freeing me to work less than 25 hours per week! The path ahead is clear and I am soaring higher than ever! That's an Extra 12 deals (from 28 to 40) in year ONE Plus I Went from working 50 hours per week to less than 25.

- Byron Thompson


Before joining leverage I was transacting well but something was missing I didn’t have much consistency. I was reducing commissions on all my deals due to a story in my mind and lost a lot of money. Danny Helped me with all of that. Now my business has a process I went from charging 6 % to 8-10% on deals from the skills I learned. The second biggest moment is when I significantly improved my average sale from $475,000. To well over $1 million. Even now during pandemics and market shifts I’m collecting six figures on single commissions on transactions and not just one but multiple transactions from learning to practice my skills. It’s been an amazing experience meeting Danny and being coached by the best. I used to fear spending money on coaching and never thought it could work for me but now he’s helped me see it as an opportunity and necessity. I’m excited about the future and what Danny’s coaching will continue to do for my business and mindset.

- Elias Kirallah


Before joining Leverage, I had lost everything, home, vehicles, no money in the bank and going back to live at one of my Mom's rentals; I had lost faith. And what hut, my wife lost faith in me. I was living in fear and as a result every decision I made was made out of fear, I now I realize that. The real estate market started coming back up, I started to get busy but noticed that I was stuck at closing 35 - 40 deals a year, lowering commissions and working every day, including Sundays; no vision and no clarity no hope in sight. In 2018, I decided to open up my own brokerage as I felt ready but deep inside I knew that I needed vision, clarity, I didn't want my business to fail, that's when I decided to join Leverage. At some point I had my doubts, as fear was kicking in, but I also knew it was the only way. I had to give Danny an opportunity, I had to give Leverage an opportunity. I didn't want to live and continue making decisions based on fear. Joining Leverage has helped my mindset and my self respect. EVERYTHING has changed; I now don't work as many hours and definitely do not work Sundays. I have the clarity and the vision I was seeking, while also doubling my closed deals and tripling my income! Most importantly, I DO NOT live from fear now! I don't lower my commissions and my brokerage production has been steadily increasing! Danny, you have not only helped increase my numbers but have also helped me to not live in fear, that was huge for me! I'm more self conscious on many levels, I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and my family I feel blessed to have you as my coach and as a friend, simply amazing and all around life changing thank you...

- Juan Gallegos


As a busy agent already this group has brought much more focus into my business. The daily role playing with like-minded individuals is extremely motivating. I have a great coach and the chance to learn from Danny himself is well worth the investment!

- Kevin Gunn


It's been a great month of not just understanding how to handle my business overcoming my own mindset and start implementing the changes not only in business as well as personal. I feel personal side that I am dealing with a lot of things I haven't dealt with that this program is helping uncovering that and understanding that healing is a journey that I need to keep working on to be free in all aspects.

- Janet Vilchez


I have always prided myself on being learning based. However, for many years I struggled to navigate my way through this industry alone constantly looking for new ways to scale my business to the next level because I did not have a solid mentor to help keep me moving in the right direction.I resisted hiring a coach for my business because I could not find the right fit for me. After healing from the back to back losses of my parents and my best friend I became nonnegotiable about finding a supportive community conducive to supporting my growth and goals in all areas of my life. A good friend of mine recommended the launch program to me and I am overflowing with gratitude.  Danny Morel and his team are amazing! It has only been 1 month but I am already starting to see results and I am very excited about the possibilities ahead, this week just Signed 1 new listing, Set 2 new listing appts, 4 new buyer appts set, received 1 new mortgage commitment, submitted an offer and ended the week with a closing.

- Helynn Boughner


Leverage has had a tremendous impact on my business and my personal life. I went from being a solo agent to now having a team: a sales person, to a business owner! I went from focusing only on buyers because they were less confrontational to now focusing mainly on sellers and leveraging my listings to help even more buyers! My mindset and health is also 100 times better. Not to mention that my income is 3x what it was 3 years ago and now I also own multiple investment properties. This allows me to provide for my wife and family the life that we deserve. Thank you Danny and everyone that is part of this amazing group.

- Noe Fragoso


I think my volume speaks for the success of my coaching with Leverage. Last year I did $40 million in sales and by using the tools and scripts, especially the Purple Bricks script, my volume has increased over $23 million. Yes, $63 million in sales since January and I've only had my license for 5 years. Danny's mindset has helped keep me Laser Focused on my business and I have reached goals I never imagined possible

- Gail DeMarco


I’ve been in the business for 26 years. My business is up 35% I’m down 35 pounds and I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been before. Leverage has given me the skills mindset and system to literally have it ALL.

- Dan Perez


What can I say Leverage Transformed my life during a time when everyone around me struggled: COVID. I literally joined with blind faith. I asked Danny what I needed to do and he said “ Just do what we teach you to do” and that's exactly what I did. I had never taken more than 4 listings a month, now I take 7! What's best I have never had more than 7 deals in escrow...we have 15!! Everything is EXPLODING, all because I had the faith and was coachable. Thank you to my Leverage Family!

-Taj Simmons


When I met Danny I was closing 24 buyer deals a year, I was so proud! Yet I'll never forget what He told me “Man I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!” I didn't understand it at the moment but he was right. I went ALL IN on his teachings, specifically the daily script work, and in one year I converted to a listing agent and released all buyer sales to my team! What's best, I moved out of state and my business still operates without me ! I literally do more business in a week than I used to do in a quarter.

- Daniel Martinez


I’m on escrow 6 since I joined Launch.. It's only my first year in business but I'm already on track to close 30 deals for the year. Everything I'm learning I put into action, what's best I know I wont get stuck at 30 like most do, because the Leverage program is waiting for me as soon as I'm ready to SCALE!

- Richard Pobre


I finally figured out how to get to the next level in my business and start thinking like a business owner. The answer was always inside of me and Launch helped me to see that!

- Alicia Hernandez


I can't believe it...I used to NEVER take listings, literally ZERO per month, today I take 2 a month! Knowing what to say and how to say it has been a game changer, I feel more confident and assertive!

- Gustavo Rojas


2 months into the program and I have much better consistency with my marketing and my morning routines! I'm better at handling objections by following what I have learned during role-play and my business is improving!

- Josalyn Cano


I just became licensed in January this year. I have closed 5 deals and have 2 open escrows and 3 upcoming listings minimum this year. Because of launch my goal is to close 30 deals this year!

- Flor Alvidrez


“I am learning so much in Launch - way more than I expected. It's more than business coaching, it's life coaching. I still have my job pushing 12 hour days but with Jose's guidance I finally have a real plan to transition over from corporate to my own business. Within my first 30 days I got a new construction transaction started. My goal is to close 10 deals this year and I finally feel like I can actually make it happen. Man I can't thank you enough for putting this program together. You are right - no one is providing value like you are.

- Lisa Diaz


Launch has gone beyond just my production. I’ve been able to connect with my coaches and really work on my mindset and habits. Creating love, peace and abundance in my life

- Ruben Mancha

our promise

the power to be

My promise to you is simple, by working with us you will find the best the YOU have to offer the world. You'll unlock a new way of seeing yourself, and yourself in the world. As a result new possibilities that once seemed impossible will become reality. You’ll lose weight, earn more and BE more present with yourself and with your family. Naturally once this occurs, you will also give back more to those around you through philanthropy and job creation for people in your community.

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