I spent my entire life doing what the world told me I needed to do… Looking OUTSIDE for what was always waiting for me INSIDE.

I built a massive real estate company (over 1.1 billion in annual sales), had the nicest car, the fanciest gold watch and even made the Inc 500 list a couple of times.

Sounds great right?

Yet the reality was, though the world thought I had it all... in secret… I was deeply unhappy and had no idea who I was.   

I was miserable inside and quickly realized I was going NO where and getting there… pretty fast. I had spent my life trying to accumulate power and success to compensate for a smallness that I felt within.

I found Plant medicine and began a 2 year journey of healing, self discovery and awakening.

I began my journey to higher self and discovered the root causes of my deepest doubts, worries and insecurities. I’m glad to say I faced them and healed them.

During this time of growth it became obvious to me that it was time to move into my next chapter of life and in 2020 sold my real estate company.

I was being called to guide people through healing and finding themselves… the same type of healing and awakening I had been through.

Today, I’m free in every sense of the word… and hundreds of people we work with are so as well .

I can confidently say that the miracle you’ve been searching for, the dream life you’ve always wanted… has been shown to you .. because It’s coming to you!

From healing bodies, to starting businesses and quadrupling incomes while working less …. I’m proud to say that its not me that’s doing this for people … its themselves!

Once you discover YOUR higher self … you’ll also discover that everything you’ve ever wanted will simply be drawn to you.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events, and seeing the smile on your face and tear running down your cheek when you finally discover this fundamental truth: that everything you’ve ever wanted and everything you’ll ever need … you already have … deep within yourself.

The Dream Continues!

Today, life is what I never thought it could be: in the present. our companies are growing now more than ever, I’m free in every sense of the word, I’m currently helping others on the same journey of evolution and their results are incredible! Most importantly and what i'm proudest of: my relationship with both Claudia and my boys is filled with more love, happiness and fulfillment than it's ever been. I look forward to meeting you at one of our events and being of service in your very own journey to higher self.