Breakthrough is the roadmap to follow if you want to discover “next level” strategies that’ll transform your business and give you CONSISTENT flow of listings and sales

I’m going to open the curtain and show you how you can transition from inconsistent production to becoming a bona-fide top producer in your market place....

...without feeling you have to sacrifice time with family, friends and the good life.

You see, I’m living proof it’s possible after growing a real estate Sales business to $1.5m in annual commissions by the age of 27, to now owning and operating a brokerage that closes 1.1 billion in annual sales volume per year...

...while still having time to never work weekends , enjoy my kids every evening by 5 pm.. and travel the world teaching all of my great clients like YOU


And if you're ready, I want to reveal simple “profit tweaks” that’ll help you trade your business that has you working long hours for very little take-home pay…

...for the ultimate business owner lifestyle where you can easily “step away” from your business and it runs by itself!

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Strategies That Work In The Real World

This isn’t going to be a boring 8 week course--You'll be glued to your seat for two days getting  “do this, and then go do that” tools and strategies you’ll be able to implement in your business right away.

The best part is all these strategies have been tested, tweaked and honed in my 3 multi-million dollar Real Estate businesses.

You won’t get “seminar fluff” that sounds great on stage but fails to work in the real world. These are strategies you can implement in your business as soon as you get home and make 2020 your year!

Get ready to learn from someone in YOUR INDUSTRY, practicing the business DAILY and winning at the highest levels... just copy whats working and watch your business GROW

Get Motivated To Crush It

Nope, Breakthrough is not a “rah rah” motivational course but you WILL feel motivated and recharged.

That’s because you’ll finish the course with a fresh new vision and excitement about your business and increased confidence you’ll hit your business goals.

You’ll be able to create with a solid plan of attack for solving a challenge that’s been holding you back.


WEEK 1 - The Mental Side of Selling

There are 5 minds that drive your real estate business.. from the moment you meet the prospect, to the moment the deal closes. get ready to be AMAZED, at what happens when the 5 MINDS are in complete alignment with your purpose and goals

Week 2 - Clarify the Plan

The difference between failing, surviving or EXPLODING your income and lifestyle through your business is YOUR PLAN. You will walk away with a DETAILED plan , a focused intention on the plan.. and a CLEAR path to achieving all of your goals

Week 3 - Time Management

You do NOT have to miss your kids events, you do NOT have to work weekends, you do NOT have to feel like you've lost control of YOUR TIME. We challenge you with this thought, you can increase your production, and decrease your time worked, our plan has helped THOUSANDS... now its time to help you

Week 4 - Time Management & Sales Process

Danny's personalized Step by step sales process. This is the Exact process that took him from STUCK working 7 days a week closing 30 dead a year.. to working 4.5 days a week closing 150 deals a year. NEVER feel unconfident with ANY objection ever again... and feel confident and in control at all presentations... buyers or sellerstristique posuere.

Week 5 - The Psychology of Selling

In Order to sell more you MUST connect more.... learning what to say is done thing, learning what your prosepect is thinking, how they are feeling.. and understanding how to connect with them at a deeper level... thats the key to unlocking your true sales potential. Get ready to learn things NO OTHER PROGRAM even knows HOW TO TEACH

Week 6 - Conversion

The quickest way to earn more and work less... is to be able to CONVERT more leads in less time. thats when you start being EFFICIENT , once you're efficient.. you unlock the doors of an EASIER business.. that pays you MORE!

Week 7 - Objection Mastery

NEVER GET STUMPED ON AN OBJECTION EVER AGAIN.  Learn how to handle your clients TOUGHEST objections, and master them forever! This is not a script, this is a process that will help you use your own words, your own style your own natural approach  

week 8 - Lead Follow-up System

80% of all listings and sales.. happen in the FOllow up. Yet follow up can feel  difficult, or feel uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be. Stop losing thousands of dollars per year.. simply because you dont have a simple and effective follow up SYSTEM. Get ready to learn Danny's 3 step follow up system. The exact system he used to build 3 7 figure businesses
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"Hands down, Danny is going to be the world class lead changer for this industry." - Adrian Hernandez
"Hands down, Danny is going to be the world class "Breakthrough helped me overcome some limiting beliefs I had in my business to increase my income and my overall business"lead changer for this industry."- Elias George
"Danny's got an Extraordinary Gift for coaching people and helping them Get Anything The Want In Life."- Mel Robbins
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