About Danny:

Danny is a spiritual guide supporting millions around the world to awaken, heal, and transform their lives. He is dedicated to guide his community and audiences through profound internal transformations resulting in healing lifelong limiting beliefs and removing inner barriers that block deep spiritual connection, financial freedom, vibrant health, and thriving relationships from entering their lives.

Position Overview:

As the Director of Storytelling for Morel Global, you will be the visionary behind bringing the Morel Global events, such as Awaken Your Highest Self, to life. Your role will focus on showcasing the profound stories and transformations within our audience through captivating video content. This content will be featured across our social media platforms, website, and advertisements. You will ensure that the transformative impact of Danny Morel is powerfully represented across all media channels, deeply resonating with our audience and inspiring them to join our community and participate in our programs and events. This position offers significant opportunities for professional growth and the chance to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.


– Create an Awaken recap for our social media channels following every Awaken event, capturing the essence and impact of the experience.

– Produce 5 Awaken highlight reels for our social media channels, showcasing the most powerful stories and transformations from each event.

– Attend every Awaken in-person event, directing the video team to capture the necessary shots to bring your recaps and highlight reels to life, including obtaining testimonials from key participants.

– Create a recap of each Inner Circle intensive event for our social media channels following every Awaken event, highlighting the unique aspects of these intensives.

– Produce 2 highlight reels for our social media channels, focusing on the most compelling stories and transformations from each Inner Circle intensive.

– Conduct a weekly review of video clips created by our video editor to ensure the right b-roll, angles, and storytelling techniques are used to effectively showcase the impact and epicness of our work. Approve the clips with the strongest potential to resonate with our audience and go viral.

– Collaborate with our team to storyboard powerful clips of our virtual sessions, illustrating what our offerings provide and inspiring prospects to join our community.


-To be discussed dependent on level of experience and fit

-Remote work virtually, but preference will be given to US candidates.

Upcoming Events:

Awaken Palm Springs, July 25-27

Finance Intensive Palm Springs, July 28-30

Awaken Austin October 3-5

Health Intensive Arizona October 17-20

Awaken Austin December 13-15

Awaken London May 23-25, 2025

To Apply:

Use subject line “MG Director of Storytelling Application” and please email [email protected] with an updated and relevant Director of Storytelling resume, and 2 min video of why you are a great fit for this role. 

Please note that if both are not submitted, your application will not be reviewed.


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