The outcome of LEVERAGE is simple. To help you create a Leveraged Real Estate Business that produces half million a year in commissions or more working 4.5 days a week or less.

I'm working with a group of 100 hand picked clients, and helping them dominate over a 12 month period. We have the perfect mix of accountability, best practices, a top class peer group, project focus and personal guidance, direction from me And experiences to help you enjoy your new found free time.

Are you up to the challenge?
We get together
three times a year for a
high performance MEMBERS
ONLY mastermind
The group is the best of the best from
our industry. Ranging at different levels of production with some closing 150, 225 transactions a year and others owning large scale operations. NO NEWBIES
We have weekly group mastermind
webinars where I see you and you see me where we cover the latest in lead generation, automation, hiring and team building,
including who to hire, how and what to pay in order to keep you focused on the most
profitable use of your time.
I check in with you on Fridays
via FB messenger To cover
anything you need help with or
that came up.
Here's exactly what you get

• Access To All DOD Online Classes
• Access To All Event Recordings
• Access To All Events*
• Monthly Live Business Building Class with Danny Morel
• MPIRE Business Planner/Tracker
• MPIRE Online Marketing Design Center
• Skills Mastery/Roleplay Classes M-TH
• Access To Leverage FB Group
• One Leverage Group Coaching Session Per Week
• (3) 2 Day Leverage Intensives
• All Coaching Sessions Led By Danny
• Weekly Check-Ins with Danny
• Downloadable online lead generation sales funnels... built FOR YOU
• All financial investing documents and calculators including buy and
hold and flip calculators
• Entire Buyers agent training system done FOR YOU to train your
buyers agents
• Assistant hiring system: where to find, what to pay, questions to
ask during the interview, what personality profiles to hire

Try coaching

I stopped smoking I lost 70 pounds and my income increased 4 fold. I’ve never missed a Leverage call since the beginning and this is why my life has changed

Jose B.

Anyone who wants change or make any type of improvement in your life, you’ll find it here in Leverage. You’ll find like minded agents from all over the country humble, looking to connect and grow! For myself, from 10/22/2016 to present I’ve lost 35 lbs and my business has seen 4X growth this year! That’s $150k to $600-$700k!!

Roger P.

I have been in real estate for 16 years. I have never had a coach and consistently been a top agent. What Danny brings to Leverage in value is amazing.

Rich R.

Leverage is the best coaching program. Being part of multiple coaching programs I attend many retreats. I can tell you that it's been months since the last Leverage Intensive and I'm still reviewing my notes and finding "golden nuggets" that I can implement to better my business almost on a weekly basis! Back to prospecting!

David A.

We're up 147% in gross commission income compared to the same time last year (since I met you)We have 76 closed & pending since January 1st with only 2 buyer agents, 1 listing agent (me) and 2 ISAs (that's double the transactions we had this time last year with one less buyer agent) - 300 deals should be east to reach at this pace.

Bill G.

I think my volume speaks for the success of my coaching with Leverage. Last year I did $40 million in sales and by using the tools and scripts, especially the Purple Bricks script, my volume has increased over $23Million.  Yes, 63 million in sales since January and I've only had my license 5 years.  Danny's mindset has helped keep me Laser Focused on my business and I have reached goals I never imagined possible

Gail D.

I've been in the business for 26 years. My business is up 35% I'm down 35 pounds and I'm more relaxed than I've ever been before. Leverage has given me the skills, mindset and system to literally have it ALL!

Dan P.

Being apart of Danny's coaching and the Leverage community has had a tremendous impact on my business and my life.  I went from being a solo agent to now having a team/business.My mindset and health is also 100 times better. Not to mention my income is 3x what it was 3 years ago and now I also own multiple investment properties. Which allows me to provide for my family the life that we deserve.

Noe F.

One escrow opened, two listing appointments set and 10 overall escrows open right now in the past week. I’ve been with Leverage for a couple years now and my business just keeps growing. I do more in a week than I used to do in a quarter,

Daniel M.

One escrow opened, two listing appointments set and 10 overall escrows open right now in the past week. I’ve been with Leverage for a couple years now and my business just keeps growing. I do more in a week than I used to do in a quarter.

Daniel M.

After this week’s coaching session, our database doubled! Next is sending that "let's reconnect" email to provide the opportunity to opt out. That was a great session! I also have two interviews Friday to hire an assistant from learning the assistant hiring process!

Lillianne G.

I give leverage 5 stars. It has helped me work less hours and and spend more time with my family. Leverage showed me you can have both work and family life

Victoria M.

Incredible Call! I don't get emotional very easy, but I was after that call. My business is my passion, kind of like my baby. I felt like I finally discovered the information I've been seeking.

Ricardo J.

Very exciting and inspiring! Danny’s commitment and passion  to helping people grow and prosper is a blessing.

Meriel G.

Because of what I have learned in Leverage, our team of 4 agents set a new record for 44 pending transactions this month.

Bill G.