The Resilience Roadmap

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As a teenager, real-estate broker Danny Morel felt he was destined to do great things. Even though he had to contend with a lackluster education system and lived on welfare in a single-parent home, he didn't let any of that hold him back. He had resilience--and now you can, too. In The Resilience Roadmap, Morel shares his Seven Principles of Resiliency, which he developed after transcending his troubled youth and going through all the euphoric highs and crushing lows of twenty years in the real-estate business. The principles will give you the power to change your mind-set, the motivation you need to craft a plan and take action, and the guidance necessary to keep you on the path to success. Stop pining after the life you want, and make it happen! No matter what you're trying to achieve, The Resilience Roadmap has the tools you need to turn your dream into a reality.