Group Coaching for Start-up Entrepreneurs

… build a 6-figure business without 60-hour work weeks


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Danny Morel: I grew up in a tough ghetto with two younger brothers, supported by a mom on welfare. Early on, I chose the entrepreneurial life. I found mentors, followed their advice and implemented their teachings. As a member of the TRIBE, you’ll work on three essential business skills. The very skils I mastered in my early twenties to get past the survival stage and into 6-figures. 

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tHe Tribe Focuses on 3 PILLARS


• Start living from the inside out and create the life of your dreams – learn to prioritize not just your business, but also your health, relationships and spiritual well-being

• Learn to manifest abundance in all aspects of your life - for true success and personal fulfillment, you must have it all

Discover your highest self – through a personalized journey of self-discovery, guided by Danny Morel himself


• Utilize lead generation to find your ideal customers and automate processes as much as possible to ensure your sales pipeline never runs dry

• Implement world-class business cultivation to provide a remarkable customer experience through targeted offers, customer insights and incentives

• Create a low-friction sales conversion strategy from lead, to follow-up, to fulfillment - connect the dots from price to value and capture every possible sale


• Join a community like none other, filled with like-minded individuals who want to empower each other to be successful

• Gain insights into other industries and different types of customers – teachings and strategies that can be implemented into your niche from experts in their spaces

• Thrive alongside a family of business owners and entrepreneurs who are carving a path unique to them, but similar to yours in so many ways

Here’s how The Tribe
works for you…

We assign you a Guide responsible for helping you hit your milestones. All TRIBE Guides are accomplished entrepreneurs who have done the work you’re tackling and understand the pitfalls and hurdles you're facing.

In weekly CLARITY Q&A sessions, your team Guide helps you…

• Get answers and cut through the noise, so you don’t waste time chasing solutions to well-known problems 

• Clarify your next steps, so you’re always making progress toward your goals

• Stay focused on where you need to be and what you need to be working on for maximum impact

In "WIN THE WEEK" sessions (~15 minutes) you map your week...

• Talk about your daily wins to get you into the habit of creating wins every day

• Review your weekly lesson assignments, so you can implement new skills as you learn

• Get help when you feel stuck and maintain momentum, so you keep making progress toward your goals

"GUIDE" SESSIONS focused on aspects of businesS...

• You get the benefit of their experience in handling the obstacles and opportunities of entrepreneurship

Gain critical knowledge in areas that might not otherwise be on your radar

Take advantage of each Guide’s specific areas of expertise and learn best practices for ramping up your business

Your Guide assigns modules from the RESOURCE LIBRARY…


Use the Tribe Ladder to instantly see where you can make improvements and where you need help from Tribe resources


Create an easy path that helps your ideal prospects gain value from you that far exceeds the cost of your products and services


These sessions give you the precise language to tee-up your leads and clear the path to conversion


Time management and scheduling skills enable you to focus your efforts on activities that produce results


If you’re not reaching your goals fast enough, we help you streamline so you get you where you want to go

↓ Additional Resources and Optional Sessions Included in your membership ↓

Change beliefs that hold you back so you can break through to higher levels of performance in business and in life


Discover how your fellow members are dealing with issues for insights into challenges you face


In a 30-minute group meditation, we’ll focus on Inner Work to transform your life and your business easier and faster


Each month, we bring in special guests with deep expertise in specific areas of business development.


This seminar includes five on-demand modules totaling approximately four hours of instructional videos plus all materials.


Discounted admission to our 3-day live event to push your Inner Work... and your business... into overdrive.

Don’t get me wrong... I made plenty of mistakes along the way... hit rock bottom a couple of times… financially and emotionally.

That’s when I learned the importance of taking care not just of my business but also of my physical health, personal life, and spiritual wellbeing.

The business skill training described above is essential for your success. But that training alone would not be enough. Too many MBA graduates have impressive knowledge and skills yet languish in middle management jobs inside large corporations. Why? 

They believe that if they get their outer life to look right (prestigious job, beautiful home, nice car, perfect family) then they will feel happy on the inside.

Nope... it doesn’t work that way. Success in any area of life begins with inner work. When you get your life right on the inside, then the life you envision will manifest. (I know... it sounds a bit “woo-woo” but if you’re going to be around me you’ll have to get used to that.) 

For now, you’ll just have to trust me on this. When you join The Tribe, an important initial focus will be to help you experience this phenomenon: 

Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life.

When you master the simple skills of Inner Work, you will be astonished at how fast your life begins to transform.

The MEMBERSHIP PROCESS begins with a one-on-one meeting between you and a member of the enrollment team to review the program, discuss your background, and answer any questions. 


We choose candidates who own an entrepreneurial business or are thinking of launching one. Candidates must be of good character and able to function in a social learning environment. While there are no minimum income requirements, The Tribe program works best for those with a net income of at least $50-$90k.


The Tribe is a renewable 12-month program payable in 12 equal payments or a discounted one-time payment. Your enrollment specialist will fill you in on pricing and payment options. This offer includes a written money-back guarantee, which will receive as part of your enrollment and orientation package.


If you qualify and decide The Tribe is right for you, you will get access to all training modules and can start attending sessions with Danny and The Tribe Team the very next day.

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