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with Vylana Marcus
March 15, 2023
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Vylana Marcus experienced tremendous grief and sadness after losing her grandmother and it made her take a step back off the track where she thought her life was going. The process of death and grief helped Vylana open up a container for new beginnings and showed her what her heart truly desired.

Today, Vylana Marcus is a visionary sound alchemist and medicine woman who has dedicated her life to healing the collective through her music and her passion for delivering unique sound transmissions and other heart-centered modalities.

In this episode, Danny and Vylana share how death can be a transformative experience that can lead to a rebirth of the self. They explore how being on a spiritual journey and connecting to your true self can bring about profound changes in your life, leading you to discover your unique gifts and unlock the potential to live a life that is filled with joy, creativity, and purpose.

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