You’ve Been Lied to About Food & How to Live to 120+ Years Old

Dave asprey

November 29, 2023
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Join us on The Higher Self Podcast this week as we chat with Dave Asprey, the mastermind behind Bulletproof Coffee.

Dave’s known for shaking things up in the health world, and he’s here to share some controversial takes on food and how we can live healthier, longer lives. Dave will tackle some big questions: Is being vegan really as good as we think? How can we boost our fertility in natural ways? And his big one – how can we live to be over 120 years old? He’s got some interesting ideas and practical tips, all based on his own experiments and research.

This episode is a real eye-opener, especially for anyone curious about different approaches to diet and longevity. So, tune in, and maybe even share it with a friend who’s into exploring new health ideas. Can’t wait for you to tune into the conversation!

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