Conscious Birthing

Elise Tobias

September 13, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what it means to have a conscious birth?

As the birth of Jen’s and Danny’s baby is now only a matter of days, we are excited to host Danny’s and Jen’s doula, Elise Tobias, on this week’s episode of The Higher Self. Elise Tobias is a renowned London-based birth doula, hypnobirthing specialist and birth educator. Elise specialises in preparing expectant parents for the life-changing event of giving birth through her incredibly practical, comprehensive and realistic programe of birth preparation and hypnobirthing.

In this week’s episode, we go deep into what it means to have conscious birth and what women can do to reclaim the magical journey of pregnancy through birth and beyond. We hope you enjoy the golden nuggets of this week’s episode!

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