The Device That Unlocks the Potential of the Brain


June 21, 2023
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Are you aware of the immense capabilities your brain possesses?

On this week’s episode of The Higher Self, we’ll uncover the extent of control you can genuinely exert over your brain. We are introducing a fresh method of tapping into your cerebral control center, incorporating a crucial component that has been notably absent in the discourse about brain training. Our guest, Moha Bensofia, takes us through an innovative piece of neurotechnology named Mendi, elaborating on the advantages of increasing blood flow to your brain’s front.

Mendi utilizes neurofeedback to offer visual feedback correlating with your brain activity. A headset captures this activity as you engage in an entertaining brain-training mobile game. The system leverages fNIRS technology to monitor blood circulation and oxygen levels in the brain’s pre-frontal cortex. The brain training game necessitates concentration and tranquility, enhancing the activity and control of your brain’s pathways. With Mendi, you can master the art of modulating your brain activity, thereby amplifying your potential as an entrepreneur, athlete, or professional across various fields.

Originally, Mendi was created for war and trauma survivors and individuals grappling with anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. However, as you’ll discover, this form of brain training can be advantageous for everyone.

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